At the The Act of Storytelling, we believe in the ability for art to create change and impact the world around us. We are interested in collaboration and producing our own stories, from podcasts to films , to reflect this philosophy.

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Before I Go (post-production)

After a lifetime of struggle and survival, Frank Ryan finally has time on his hands. He survived the drought, he put food on the table for his children and a roof over their heads, and he raised them to be strong enough to face the world. And now he has time on his hands…

We want the best for those we love, but what it we don’t have the words to let them know?

Starring Nick Cain and Lauren Bailey

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In Life Today (completed)

Best Screenplay and Best Actress - SIPFest, Gold Coast Film Festival 2017

In Life Today; a short film about the moment when hopelessness and hope collide.

It’s Saturday in Melbourne; a sunny day much like any other. Except that today is the day that Erin is going to change the world.

Scientists say that change is inevitable; but Erin doesn’t have time to wait. She’s going to take matters into her own hands.

Starring Lauren Bailey, Andrea McCannon and Nick Cain