Ch02.Podcast04 Ali Kadhim

Ch02.Podcast04 Ali Kadhim

Nick and Lauren check in bi-continental this month from LA to Sydney to compare keeping on track vs letting go, following words with actions and being grateful for the journey.

Then it’s a wonderful ride inside the motivational life of Ali Kadhim, who is, among other things, a Parkour practitioner, martial artist, filmmaker and movement specialist.

Having just received the Kirk Robson Award from the Australia Council for the Arts, this young man has many wise words to share on reframing obstacles, doing what you love and releasing yourself from fear. Buckle up kids, it’s just a four storey drop on the jump to the next building!

Ali's 2017 Stunt Reel

The TEDx Talk

Team 9 Lives - Parkour Movement

Youtube | Ali Kadhim & Team 9 Lives

A Fighter's Path | Ali Kadhim

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Ch02.Podcast05 Sally McLean

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