Ch01.Podcast14 Ann Truong

Ch01.Podcast14 Ann Truong

Welcome to mentally nutritious and trouble-free Podcast 14! This month, Nick and Lauren discuss finding ways to ‘switch off’ and answer that dreaded conversation opener ‘What do you do?’.

Their guest this month is the up and coming actress, circus performer, martial artist, psychologist and general all round go-getter, Ann Truong.

Ann provides insight into her seemingly endless motivation, embracing her Vietnamese heritage, developing curiosity as an artist and loving her craft. Prepare to be inspired!!

Ann on IMDb 

The Meat Market

Subject to Change TV Series Pilot

Derek TV Series on IMDb 

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Lauren recommends:


Soundwalks at Melbourne International Jazz Festival

Fool for Love @ Q44 Theatre  

Nick recommends:

The Sugar Syndrome by Lucy Prebble | The Kings Collective

CBI Workshops with Rob Marchand 

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