Ch01.Podcast17 Brent Logan

Ch01.Podcast17 Brent Logan

This month we throw up the idea of why we do what we do; Lauren addresses the age old cycle of artistic inspiration and Nick shares some insights on his approach to creative partnerships.

Then our hosts chat to Brent Logan, a heavy metal artist and youth worker, who talks about his journey growing up in a small country town through to supporting some big names on the stage as a frontman, singer and writer.

Brent touches on the heavy metal music scene, it’s community, and discusses the idea of a concept album, providing a new perspective for the podcast through the eyes of the world of metal music.

Brent’s band Lethal Vendetta 

Metal Evolution | Sam Dunn

More on filmmaker Sam Dunn 

Different styles of Heavy Metal screams:

Deftones | My Own Summer 

Mudvayne | Dig 

Cradle of Filth | Her Ghost in the Fog 

Nick recommends:

Seventeen @ Belvoir St Theatre

Lauren recommends:

Savage in Limbo @ Q44 Theatre

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Ch01.Blog34 It’s your life; write it the way you want

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