Ch01.Blog23 Welcome to the 'IDEAS BOOM'

Ch01.Blog23 Welcome to the 'IDEAS BOOM'

by Nick Cain

Towards the end of 2015, Prime Minister Turnbull stood in front of a packed media scrum and announced the beginning of Australia’s ‘Idea’s Boom‘.  

With the cooling off of the ‘Mining Boom’ in Australia, pressure was mounting, and this seemed to be the government’s first action plan for generating prosperity for Australians of the next generation.

He said:

“Unlike a mining boom, it is a boom that can continue forever, it is limited only by our imagination, and I know that Australians believe in themselves, I know that we are a creative and imaginative nation.”

Doesn’t an idea’s boom sound bloody fantastic?!

Lord knows l’ve sat in my study at times, pouring over a script or a story, and prayed to the skies above that l would be gifted with an ideas boom of my very own right at that moment.

I felt sure with a name like the ‘ideas boom’ that it had to be a great day for the arts industry! For those who think l’m joking, The Conversation penned a wonderful article on how expenditure in the creative economy could be the new ‘boom’ for Australia. I was hoping the government may have read the very same article.

Alas.. l felt a little led astray when l found it had a massive skew towards Science, Technology and Math’s industries.

However, l’m personally always intellectually skewed to looking at the positive. With that in mind, what l like about this particular boom is that at the heart of it is innovation and creativity, and no matter your political view (this is not a political article, trust me) l think we can all agree the country could benefit from some entrepreneurial thinking and inspiration.

So, l ask The Act of Storytelling community the following…

What do we think of this ideas boom?

As we merge technology and science further into our lives, is there not a role for the creative industries in this announcement? I mean, isn’t storytelling a part of everything we do, in every industry? As more businesses thrive and grow, so does the requirement for creatives of different skill sets – copywriters, architects, experiential designers, etc.

And if more businesses are doing well financially, mightn’t we also see future alternative corporate funding for film, theatre and music?

It’s just a thought.

Perhaps too ‘pie the sky’ for some? Maybe. But it’s worth considering.

If that’s not the method that appeals to you, then let us know how you think we can get the government to better hear the arts industry in relation to funding and budget decisions?

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