Ch01.Blog31 Snap!

Ch01.Blog31 Snap!

by Erica Chestnut

My blog is late. My brain is falling to pieces. I have so much study it’s making my eyes hurt. I don’t have time to write. I don’t have time to THINK, let alone write.

The deadline loomed. Then it came and went, tumbled in with feelings of guilt and letting people down and a small dose of ‘Whatever’. Then I stopped myself. And I thought – well, what AM I going to write about? Let’s just sit with my ideas for this month’s theme, synchronicity, for a few days and see what happens.

I have been fighting against myself in a few different ways for some time now. Resisting doing the things I really want, because I am afraid of failing at them. So I don’t do them.

How many times have we all done this to ourselves?

In a difficult moment recently, it dawned on me that whilst I thoroughly love the acting teaching that I do (both for the Impulse Company, Bayside Actors Studio and That Dance Place) it also means that I don’t have to be an actor. And oh, how safe that is! And even though I’ve been teaching for over 20 years, it was this sharp moment of clarity that made me realise that teaching is also my get-out-of-jail-free card. It’s the pass I can use when I am not acting and people ask me “So, what do you do?” and I say “I’m a teacher!” And I’m a damn good one, so I can say it proudly.

So, with the idea of a blog on synchronicity bubbling away under my conscious mind, I have been just patiently seeing what comes into my world.


In order to shift my energy into my acting, I had a session with the gorgeous spirit that is Alex Vaughan and got new headshots. Over coffee, we talked about synchronicity, and then, as if by magic, a series of events occurred throughout the next few hours to the both of us that reminded me that all you have to do is have the eyes to see it.

I am of the belief that meaningful coincidences are a sure sign you are on the right path. And I haven’t had many of these of late. I haven’t been tapped into all of my hopes and dreams (only some of them) and therefore, I haven’t been in line with the energy of ME and the Universe.

So – I took ACTION. I made one step towards what I felt I was lacking, and miraculously, events began to flow.

Since my session with Alex, I have had numerous coincidences. Of note, a fellow colleague in Brussels sent me a request to ‘like the fb page of his new short film, The GPS of Death, which has been accepted into the Atlanta Shorts Film Festival… and the image it displayed on my feed?? Yep – you guessed it, literally, the word SYNCHRONICITY. In bright red, followed by the words “Smart, Gutsy, Bold Theatre”.

Thank you, Universe.

And so, when you feel like things aren’t flowing, that your head is super busy and things aren’t working, stop, breathe a little, and let things be. Don’t force it, but take a little step or two in the direction of your dreams. I’m certain you’ll start to notice the signs on the path for you.

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