Ch02.Podcast06 Sue Maslin

Ch02.Podcast06 Sue Maslin

You are invited to explore the inner thoughts of one of Australia's most successful film, television and digital content producers, Sue Maslin, in this fascinating and expansive discussion on the whys and wherefores of script to screen storytelling.

Sue brings a wealth of knowledge to the microphone as she discusses some topical and fundamental ideas including empowering women in the arts and creating space for female leadership, embracing the challenge of having your project knocked back, and how to create work from ideas that matter. We cover the process of getting her most recognised project so far - The Dressmaker - from concept to cinema and harnessing the growing power of the new platforms through production of the brand new webseries - Other People’s Problems.

Nick and Lauren also discuss the importance of career continuity and the role of social media engagement in an artist’s digital footprint.

Sue recommends:

Webseries | Other People's Problems

The Dressmaker | Trailer

Artist Toolkit:

Stage Milk | The Ultimate Guide…

Marketing4Actors | Heidi Dean

The Audition Technique | Greg Apps Casting

Bonnie Gillespie | Coaching

Nick recommends:


Lauren recommends:

Renee Giarrusso | Limitless Leadership

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Ch02.StorytellerSnapshot01 Hayden Gregory & Opie Sayner-Hassall

Ch02.StorytellerSnapshot01 Hayden Gregory & Opie Sayner-Hassall

Ch02.Podcast05 Sally McLean

Ch02.Podcast05 Sally McLean